Brand Link Start Date End Date Rebate Max
 SAR USA  SAR9 $30 Consumer Rebate  11/15/21  1/15/22  $30 Consumer rebate on any SAR USA SAR9 family of products.  $30
Winchester   Winchester Holiday Rebates 11/30/21 12/31/21 Buy any new Super X pump shotgun or XPR rifle and get $20 back. Buy any new Super X 4 shotgun or Model 70 rifle and get $40 back.  $20/$40
 Browning Browning Holiday Rebates 11/30/21  12/31/21 Save $75 on Citori Shotguns , save $50 or Citori CX and Hunter, Cynergy, A5, and Maxus shotguns and Centerfire rifles. Save $25 on BPS and Silver Shotguns, AB3 and Rimfire rifles and handguns.    $75/$50/$25            
 Savage Savage Gravy Savings 11/26/21 12/2/21 $75 MIR with purchase of any AXIS or AXIS II. $75
 SCCY  SCCY Holiday Rebate  12/01/21  12/31/21  Prepaid Visa card rebate for purchases of all SCCY pistols. Red-dot models are eligible for $50 back  and all other models are edible for $25 back.  $25/$50